About Lyreco Unboxed

How does “one way” become a genuine circular economy? Which technologies make our supply chains more efficient and sustainable? What measures help us make informed purchasing decisions?

The french company Lyreco – a distributor of office supplies – is bringing over 20 experts to the stage who really have something to say, from science to business practice, from corporations to start-ups, from climate seniors to the youngest generation. Whether session, panel or exhibition – it will be honest, concrete and practical.

Barbara Dubach will moderate the session on pionieers in sustainability, including speakers from HP Switzerland, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland, Biella Switzerland AG and Essity.

Organizational details

  • Location: Umwelt Arena Schweiz, Türliackerstrasse 4 8957 Spreitenbach
  • Date & time: 25.1.24 from 1 to 7 pm, followed by a free flow dinner during the SRF 3 Best Talent Show and an after party with DJ
  • Language: German
  • Free of charge

Program & registration

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