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Strategy and
Business Development

The development of innovative and game-changing solutions to today’s global challenges requires out-of-the-box thinking while preserving and learning from past successes. Design thinking and co-creation are some of the most promising methods to identify new business opportunities and stimulate innovation.

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Strategy and Business Development

SDG Innovations

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires the partnership of governments, the private sector, civil society, local communities and individuals alike. engageability strives to provide support in translating the SDGs into local business relevance, by providing hands-on support and solutions.

Find out more about SDGXCHANGE, engageability’s collaborative strategy tool that supports organizations in developing models and initiatives that contribute to addressing today’s global challenges.


  • Evaluating organizational readiness for change

  • Translating the SDGs into local business relevance

  • Prioritizing relevant sustainability issues with the Gap Frame 

  • Matching prioritized sustainability issues with organizational strengths

  • Engaging key internal and external stakeholders in co-creating new business opportunities

  • Prototyping new solutions to create a net positive impact


  • Development of SDGXCHANGE
    Among others, implemented at IKEA (furniture leasing model)

  • Development and review of strategies
    Various Swiss multinational companies in the infrastructure sector

  • Development of large-scale inclusive business models
    Among others, a low-income housing business initiative in Argentina

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Responsible Impact Boards

The search for solutions today’s global challenges also concerns an organization’s board of directors. Board members have to navigate between duty of care and risk reduction, while simultaneously identifying new possible solutions to these challenges. engageability supports board members in ensuring optimal performance and gaining access to new growth opportunities.

Find about more about engageability’s Responsible Impact Boards concept.


  • Raising awareness on regulatory changes and new challenges

  • Supporting board composition to ensure a responsible and impactful board of directors

  • Developing relevant frameworks to align business strategy with current local and global megatrends

  • Conducting customized in-house workshops


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SDG Innovations Responsible Impact Boards How can ourduty of care leadto an increase inperformance? With the right structures and strategies, negative impact can be minimized, and opportunities maximized. Do we have theright governancestructure in place anddoes the board focuson the rightchallenges? To ensure right governance, the board needs to create a relevant context framework and address SDGs. How do we createbusiness models thatcontribute to theachievement ofSDGs? By addressing challenges head-on with the most effective innovation process possible. How do wecreate commitment atall levels of sharedownership? By engaging all internal stakeholders and linking sustainability with business value.

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