The Team & Partners


In serving its clients, engageability relies on its competent team, partners and a network of independent associates it regularly works with.


Founder & Managing Director
Founded engageability in 2010.


Partner and Program Director
Joined engageability as partner and program director in August 2018.


Joined engageability as a consultant in April 2014.


Research Manager
Joined engageability as research manager in June 2017.


Project Manager
Joined engageability as project manager in June 2018.


Partner in Brasil
Alimi Impact Ventures


Partner in India


Barbara Dubach, Dr. oec. HSG
Founder & Managing Director

Since more than twenty years sustainable development has been a key issue for Dr. Barbara Dubach.

Already at the University of Zurich environmental economics and development policy were of great interest to Barbara Dubach. She started her professional career as environmental economist at the Federal Office for the Environment in Switzerland.

During the mid 90′s, environmental and sustainable development communication was in its infancy in many companies. There fore, she decided to do a PhD on “Managing Environmental Communication in Multinational Companies” at the University of St. Gallen.

More than 14 years of industry experience

In 1997, Barbara Dubach started working for Holcim and worked during 13 years in different functions in Switzerland and abroad. The first two years, she worked in the marketing and communication area of Geocycle, a waste pre-treatment facility of the Group in Belgium. Another assignment has taken her as environment communication mangager to Holcim Spain. During the time of the World Summit for Sustainable Development in 2002 Barbara Dubach has been on secondment from Holcim to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) as Advocacy and Communications Director. Between 2003 and 2010, Barbara Dubach was Senior Vice President at Holcim and led the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Coordination Team of the Holcim Group.

End of 2010, Barbara Dubach founded engageability, providing advice to profit and non-profit organizations in the area of sustainable development and stakeholder engagement.


Stefanie Koch
Partner and Programm Manager

Stefanie is a Corporate Sustainability and International Development professional with a long track record in managing sustainability and human rights-related risks and creating social and commercial value through innovation and new business models with 20 years of experience. Over the last decade she held leadership positions in Corporate Responsibility for major multinational companies in the extractive industry and the engineering sector with responsibilities in a large variety of countries, including Asia and Latin-America.

Stefanie led the development and implementation of global strategies, award-winning projects and management approaches. She has significant hands-on knowledge and experience in the management of large-scale initiatives, leading diverse and geographically dispersed teams and integrating different functions within a company. She further is a certified Mediator, aiming at linking the private sector with society.


Eva Tabernig

Before joining engageability as a consultant in April 2014, Eva Tabernig worked at CSR Europe, where she managed a portfolio of corporate accounts, coordinated the network of National Partner Organisations, and organised the first “European CSR Award Scheme”.

She studied the Bachelor program called “Nonprofit, Social and Healthcare Management” in Austria (Innsbruck) and Uruguay (Montevideo) and passed an internship at AER, Assembly of European Regions, in the Committee “Public Health & Social Affairs”. In 2016, she obtained an “MBA in Sustainability” at the Sustainability Management School of Switzerland (Gland), and dedicated her master thesis to the topic “Value creation of Civil-Private Partnerships: Analysis of why and how partners assess value created at micro, meso and macro level”.


Kerry Amhof
Research Manager

Kerry Amhof joined the team as research manager in June 2017, when she finished her Master in International Law at the Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID).


Norina Furrer
Project Manager

Norina Furrer joined the engageability team in June 2018. In parallel, she is currently doing her Master’s in Economics and Behavioral Economics at the University of Zurich.


Angelica Rotondaro, Dr. HSG

Partner in Brasil



Kishore Kavadia

Partner in India

Kishore Kavadia is engageability’s partner in India. He, M. Tech (Chemical Engg.) and MBA (Operations Management), has some 40 years of experience with the Chemical and the Cement Industry with focus on Environment Management, EIA, EC and related matters of CDM, green rating etc. As a freelance consultant, he is involved in many projects including the preparation of sustainability reports, determining materiality as well as stakeholder engagement. As visiting faculty he is also teaching sustainable development at leading management institutions in Mumbai.