WRF 2023, World Economic Forum, Panel on sufficiencyAbout the World Economic Forum 2023 (WRF’23) – Rethinking Value – Resources for planetary wellbeing

Following previous editions which engaged over 15,000 participants in Switzerland, Japan, China, Costa Rica, Australia, Belgium and Ghana, WRF’23 will take place in a hybrid format in Geneva and online on September 4-6 2023. This edition puts global resource use at the core of a broader economic and societal paradigm shift, calling for a collaborative and effective strategy to respond to the triple planetary crisis and pave the way for a future delivering wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries.

Panel Debate ‘Sufficiency: from a consumer to a sufficient society’

The concept of sufficiency has been receiving renewed attention as an effective, if not indispensable, climate change mitigation strategy. However, it still remains a misunderstood and marginal concept, especially in policy and business environments.

  • Can sufficiency become a powerful driver for innovative and equitable ways to deliver wellbeing for all, within planetary boundaries?
  • What is sufficiency and what potential does it hold for a sustainable and fair use of natural resources?
  • By looking at policy, business and practice, what kind of innovation can sufficiency principles give rise to?
  • What sufficiency policies can be applied in key sectors, as energy, built environment and urban planning?
  • For businesses, what does sufficiency mean and how can it be applied to corporate and sustainability strategy?

Join the panel discussion to get an insight and raise further questions of your interest.

Speakers at the ‘Sufficiency’-debate


As a hybrid conference, you can attend the World Resources Forum 2023 either in-person in Geneva (Switzerland) or online. Different admission fees apply to in-person and virtual attendance.

To enable an inclusive participation, participants from low- and middle-income countries (as classified by the World Bank) and students benefit from discounted fees. They can apply for a sponsorship to cover the full admission fees.

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