SDGXCHANGE | Workshop at Sustainable Switzerland Forum on September 13, 2023About the workshop

The SDGXCHANGE workshop takes place at the Sustainable Switzerland Forum on 13 September 2023, facilitated by Barbara Dubach. You will discover opportunities encapsulated by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and gain valuable insights from a best practice example. By harnessing the power of SDGXCHANGE – an innovation process developed by Barbara Dubach and Katrin Muff – companies can unlock a sustainable future, while driving innovation and positive impact. Join us for this transformative workshop.

About the Sustainable Switzerland Forum

Is it time to rethink the traditional business model? What implications does Scope 3 have on your company?  How can a pioneering spirit help you capture CO2 and make use of the by-product in a variety of ways? These are the questions we ask ourselves at the Sustainable Switzerland Forum’s Business Day on 12/13 September. Speakers at the event are André Bardow, Ursula Nold and André Hoffmann, among others.

The program provides room for discussion and exchange. As the topic of sustainability is about one thing above all: collaboration. And is there anything more exciting than networking with equally committed people?

The objective of the sessions is to bring together business, science and politics. “Towards a Sustainable Swiss Future” is the common vision of the event. In addition, Green Business Switzerland once again will present the award for the most sustainable company in Switzerland.

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