UNSER KLIMA - umwelt expo Zurich hb

About the environmental expo UNSER KLIMA

The UNSER KLIMA event is a public exhibition aimed at people of all ages who are interested in sustainable and renewable energy, who want to learn more about the latest environmental technologies and who want to find out about energy-saving measures. The Environmental Expo at Zurich Main Station also presents ecological products and services from all sectors and is dedicated to environmental protection and fair trade.

The expo will take place from May 11-13 at Zurich main station.

engageability booth

We will be present at the exhibition UNSER KLIMA at Zurich HB on May 11!

Visit our booth and learn more about how we are scaling nature-based solutions with Innovate 4 Nature to promote biodiversity and interesting sustainability topics that have been explored at NFP73 the National Research Program.

Many thanks to öbu, offering this great opportunity.

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