Interview with Prof. Dr. Susanne Kytzia on SDG 11.

Cities must become more sustainable. Population growth, urbanization and an aging population are megatrends that also affect Switzerland – and give SDG 11 a high degree of urgency in this country as well. Thus, sub-goal 11.b should already be achieved by 2020.

Included in this sub-goal are the development of integrated policies and plans to promote resource efficiency and mitigate climate change. According to the UN, by early 2021, 156 countries and territories had developed urban development policies. To promote resource efficiency and climate-neutral, or even climate-positive, development approaches, not only integrated policies and plans are needed, but also innovative approaches. This requires not only cities, but also the construction and real estate sectors. Read more in the introductory article on SDG 11.

Business Sustainability Today spoke with Prof. Dr. Susanne Kytzia, Head of the Institute for Construction and Environment (IBU) at the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland, on the topic of SDG 11 and the roles of the construction industry and the real estate sector in achieving this goal.

Read full interview at Business Sustainbability Today: here (in German).