The article “Economic success in harmony with nature – a necessary transformation!” by Barbara Dubach appeared in the November 2023 issue of “Fokus Nachhaltigkeit”, a supplement to the Tagesanzeiger published by Smart Media.


In the article, Barbara Dubach describes the urgent threat to biodiversity and natural ecosystems and the commitment of over 190 countries to adopt the Global Biodiversity Framework Convention after the 15th UN Biodiversity Conference in December 2022. Biodiversity monitoring and assessment measures are needed to conserve and restore at least 30 percent of terrestrial and marine areas by 2030. Businesses, particularly those in agriculture, textiles and construction, are heavily dependent on ecosystem services and face significant risks such as price volatility and resource scarcity.

Studies by the World Economic Forum and PwC show that the decline of nature poses significant financial risks to the global economy. Companies must therefore change their practices, invest in sustainable solutions and develop new business models to protect nature and at the same time take advantage of opportunities. Although nature conservation is gaining in importance, few companies have set concrete biodiversity targets.

The article emphasizes that companies should identify their biodiversity risks, define targets and enter into partnerships along the value chain to reduce negative impacts on nature. Initiatives such as Innovate 4 Nature show how different stakeholders can come together to promote nature-friendly solutions. The growing recognition of the economic potential of nature conservation is evident in examples such as ecotourism.

Finally, Barbara Dubach calls on us to rethink our relationship with nature, encourages companies to become aware of the risks and invest in a sustainable future. Everyone – managers and citizens alike – should work towards a nature-friendly future and take meaningful steps towards sustainability.

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Wirtschaftlicher Erfolg im Einklang mit der Natur / Economic Success in harmony with Nature

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