In the summer of 2023, engageability and Implement Consulting Group conducted a Climate Change Readiness Study. It is a comprehensive examination of how Swiss companies are addressing climate change-related challenges and opportunities. We presented the study’s results for the first time at Forum ö 2023.

Study Focus

The study evaluated the sustainability reporting of 100 of the largest Swiss companies, spanning various sectors. It included 70 industrial companies, 15 banks, and 15 insurance companies. We assessed their reports against criteria set by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and additional criteria from current corporate best pactices. Due to the growing attention to biodiversity loss, we have also included five criteria related to biodiversity reporting derived from the TNFD framework.

This approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation of climate change preparedness, focusing on transparency and accountability.

Accessing the Study Findings

You can find the results of the study in the recently published Report, here:Study Climate Change prepardness

It provides insights into how the biggest companies in Switzerland are addressing climate change in their reporting. Moreover, it provides a deeper understanding into the extent to which the largest Swiss companies are prepared for climate change and the associated challenges and opportunities, and highlights current best practices.