Two new short films featured on Business Sustainability Today: ‘Innovation through diversity’ and ‘printing as nature would do it’.

At first glance, the two companies Vögeli AG and SINGA hardly look alike, but both companies present innovative and inspiring solutions to address societal challenges and make positive contributions to the sustainable development goals- therefore meeting the criteria of real corporate sustainability. Vögeli AG is a medium-sized family-owned company which has been a specialist in printing technology in Switzerland for several decades. SINGA Factory is a young company founded in 2012 which has already expanded to Switzerland, France, Canada and Belgium, among others. SINGA helps people with migratory backgrounds to contribute their potential and find the necessary network.

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Vögeli AG – Print as nature would

Markus Vögeli, who together with his brother is the fourth-generation manager of the Emmental printing company Vögeli AG, emphasizes that sustainability has long played a decisive role in the family business. For example, the print shop took on a pioneering role when it decided over 15 years ago not to use environmentally harmful isopropyl alcohol in the printing process. He explains how the company came to the point about two years ago where it was not possible to make existing products and processes “even more sustainable” without significantly reducing efficiency. Fortunately, the company did not have to search long for a solution and found it in the Cradle to Cradle © method. In the video, Vögeli explains exactly what this method is and how it has completely redesigned both the way the company thinks and acts in the area of sustainability.

SINGA – Diversity to promote innovation 

SINGA uses diversity to promote innovation, thus allowing people with a migratory background to tap into their full potential. This is the motto of the young company, which has already established itself in seven countries and three cities in Switzerland. SINGA supports people with a refugee or immigrant background who would like to set up a company in Switzerland. In the video report co-founder and co-director Seraina Soldner explains the motivation behind the founding of the company and how it operates. With Eli, an entrepreneur from Syria, as an example, the video showcases how SINGA helps people with a lot of experience and potential to build up a network in Switzerland and to take up a successful entrepreneurial activity.