“Für Züri” project competition

Zürcher Kantonalbank celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2020 and distributed an anniversary dividend to the municipalities. It linked this with the wish that these contributions would do something special for the benefit of the population. The city of Zurich received 13.6 million Swiss francs. It is using part of this amount (5.4 million francs) to run the “Für Züri” project competition to support projects from the population that benefit children and young people or the environment. Two expert commissions evaluated over 250 submitted projects and selected the winning projects.

We are proud to announce that the project “Tiny forest in the midst of Zurich”, co-organised by engageability and GIB Foundation and local partners, was nominated as one of the winning projects.

Impact of Tiny Forests

With this project we aim to construct a small forest at ERZ (disposal and recycling Zurich) in November 2023, using the Miyawaki method to promote and connect the environment, people and business. Tiny forests are supposed to achieve the following impact:

Tiny Forest Impact

About the Miyawaki method

Dr. Akira Miyawaki, after whom the method is named, is a Japanese botanist and Blue Panet Award winner. It includes 6 steps:

  1. Survey of the original forest/woodland fragments on site.
  2. Identification of potential native vegetation tree species.
  3. Determine the structure of the forest community and select the understory species
  4. Perform site analysis and soil testing
  5. Procurement of seeds, seedlings or saplings
  6. Add soil amendment/mulch


Earth.fm: The Miyawaki Forest Creation Method, Download am 25.08.2022: https://earth.fm/details/the-miyawaki-forest-creation-method-step-by-step/

For more information, contact Eva Tabernig.