Latest research results and insights from practice on the topic of sustainable circular economy:

The modern economy functions predominantly in a linear fashion – only a small fraction of recyclables are given a second life. This approach presents us with existential challenges: overconsumption of resources, global warming, pollution, and biodiversity loss, among others. Innovative circular solutions involve more than just recycling and can support the transformation to a sustainable economy. Several research projects of the National Research Programme 73 “Sustainable Economy” (NRP 73) and their practice partners have therefore investigated when it is really sustainable to close material loops and what it takes to implement a sustainable circular economy in Switzerland.

Interviewees in the video (in order)

Dr. Nicola Blum, Group for Sustainability and Technology, ETH Zurich

Dr. Harald Desing, Postdoc, Empa Marco Dalla Bona, Managing Director, swisspor AG

Marcel Niederberger, Head of Sustainability, V-ZUG AG

Patrick Eberhard, Head of Hightech Concrete & Member of the GL, Eberhard Unternehmungen

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