Liechtenstein Dialog for DevelopmentOn January 19th, Barbara Dubach joined the Liechtenstein Dialogue for Development, giving a keynote speech on “Examples of implementing SDGs into your Business”.

Initiated by Smiling Gecko, the 2nd Liechtenstein Dialogue for Development (LDD) focused this year on redefining modern economic development aid. It mustered high-ranking representatives from governments, foundations, companies and NGOs to discuss new approaches to development aid. Among others, Hannes Schmid demanded: „More entrepreneurial approaches to development aid should be fostered, including more partnerships with business. What does social impact investment actually mean? High interest rates? No interest? Fast repayment of investments? Do the poor people really profit from this, or is it simply just good marketing for the banks? Corporate Social Responsibility: How can or should this be filled with life? What does that mean for a company? If there is no forceful rethinking of development aid, even increasing budgets wouldn’t translate to better results.“

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