Stakeholder Engagement

Systematic stakeholder engagement is a key for assessing and addressing changes in the global societal environment. As recently also written in the McKinsey Quarterly ‘integrated external engagement is a key determinant of competitiveness, and companies need to start treating it as one’.

engageability is an experienced designer, convener and facilitator of external sustainability panels and dialogues and offers the following services:

  • Identification of relevant stakeholders and development of stakeholder engagement, recommendations and strategy
  • Conduction of needs assessments and focus groups
  • Facilitation of stakeholder engagement processes (e.g., stakeholder dialogues, Community Advisory Panels)
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Tailored training programs and stakeholder engagement simulation
  • Conduction of needs assessments and focus groups in various countries
  • Partnership identification, management and assessment of their effectiveness


  • Consultation of stakeholders in order to define materiality for a variety of Swiss and international companies
  • Development of stakeholder engagement strategies including stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Support and guidance of a new project in the area of stakeholder engagement including training for employees
  • Facilitation of stakeholder engagement processes such as stakeholder dialogues, external sustainable development panels and moderation of trialog on sustainable palm oil with key actors in Switzerland. For example, engageability moderated the stakeholder Panel of Geberit:
  • Initiation and coordination of partnership opportunities between GIZ (the German International Cooperation Agency) and multinational companies
  • Experience in multistakeholder processes