KoaAbout Koa

Koa is a cocoa fruit juice made from the pulp of the cocoa fruit. Since the traditional chocolate industry focuses only on the cocoa beans, the cocoa pulp, which makes up 25% of the fruit value, usually ends up in the “food waste” bucket. By transforming this “waste” into a food ingredient, the company optimizes the use of resources while creating new jobs and increased income in rural communities in Ghana. Thereby, the company supports SDG8 Decent Work and SDG12 Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The vision

The vision of Koa is to make the best possible use of the valuable resources of our planet and to offer better living conditions to everyone who lives on it. At the same time, Koa aims to become the most credible company through its social and ecological approach.

Koa’s solution

Koa uses this “waste” and transforms it into an ingredient for drinks and food. It extracts the raw materials and produces the product in harmony with nature and in close cooperation with the existing community. It is an innovative approach, using latest technologies and applying sustainable and responsible business practices.

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