On June 27th 2019, Barbara Dubach hosted the deep-dive session on “Possibilities and limits of collaborations” at the CE2 conference (circular economy entrepreneurs).

The aim of the conference is “Shaping the future of business together”. It brings key economic players together to shape the world of tomorrow with a great deal of pioneering spirit and care. Responsible SMEs, imaginative start-ups, fresh thinkers of the young generation and imaginative researchers are the target group of CE². Circular Economy Switzerland believes that Switzerland can and should set an example when it comes to recycling management. Barbara Dubach hosted the deep-dive session on collaborations as basis of the circular economy and functioning supply chains. What is necessary for former competitors to become partners and for trust to emerge from competition? The session used a concrete case study to shed light on the topic of cooperation. The case allowed workshop participants to understand the behavioural point of view.

Find out more about the deep-dive session at the CE2 conference: here. 
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