Stakeholder engagement the key to success

engageability provides advice to profit as well as non-profit organizations identifying sustainable strategies for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Engagement with stakeholders is key to gain trust, to maintain the license to operate, to mitigate negative effects of potentially hot issues or to identify new business opportunities and to stimulate innovation.

engageability’s core competencies, services and thematic areas are:

  • Development and implementation of sustainable development strategies
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Stakeholder management and engagement
  • Communication and reporting
  • Evaluation and impact assessment
  • Moderation and facilitation of dialogues and workshops

Latest news

04/09/2018: Innovation Forum on Sustainable Business

How can companies be managed sustainably? Top-notch experts give an overview of the current state of knowledge and ongoing business practice, creating socio-economic value. Join the discussion at the Innovation Forum IF.12 at the Swiss Green Economy Symposium (SGES)! Find out more.

31/05/2018: Take aways of ‘Integrated Value Assessment’

The forth ‘Integrated Value Assessment’ conference focused on impact assessment tools and links to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as WBCSD’s ‘Social and Human Capital Coalition’. See key take aways here.

22/05/2018: ‘Business Sustainability Today’ goes online

We are pleased to announce the launch of the platform ‘Business Sustainability Today’, a unique moving image platform showcasing innovative sustainability projects and companies that are making positive contributions to social and environmental challenges. Take a look: Here.

30/10/2017: Launch of SDGXCHANGE

We are pleased to announce the launch of SDGXCHANGE, which is a unique hands-on process tool, building on the Sustainable Development Goals and the True Business Sustainability typology. It makes use of the data from the and relevant organizational and behavioural changes as well as innovation and transformation approaches to generate new businesses, addressing the challenges of our times. Find out more.